Plants for Problem Places Webinar


Plants for Problem Places

Even the best garden and gardener, has a spot in their landscape that just doesn’t work. Maybe it’s too dry, wet, shady, sunny, or poor soil. No matter what you try to do, plants just don’t thrive there.

In my Plants for Problem Places Webinar I’ll talk about the best plants to grow in areas with specific needs. I’ll cover plants for Hot, Sunny Areas, Dry Shade, Wet Shade, Deep Shade, Slopes, Water Edges, and Clay Soil. If you have other specific problem areas, let me know and I’ll cover them as well.

You’ll learn about:

  • Not all Shade is created equal. I’ll talk about the different types of shade
  • The best trees, shrubs, perennial flowers and ground covers for each of the problem areas
  • Design ideas using plants and other materials to fix a problem area.
  • Planting and growing techniques specific to those problem areas
  • Ways to “fix” a problem area beyond just growing the right plant.

This hour-long presentation will be followed with a ½ hour of questions and answers where I’ll be able to help you individually with your gardening situation.

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