Learn how to identify and control these pesky critters. Listen to podcast:   What’s eating your lawn? Got holes? If your lawn looks like a war zone, there are many possible causes. Certainly skunks could be digging for grubs or your neighbor’s dog digging for fun, but if you see tunnels too, it’s time to talk voles and moles. Although they sound alike, these are two very different creatures. Moles are completely subterranean and are carnivores. They feed on earthworms and other soil creatures, not your plants.  Other than forming […]

Learn how to care for your lawn in fall including information on fertilizing, reseeding and topdressing with compost. For more garden videos, check out the National Gardening Association Listen to Podcast:   Podcast Transcript It covers more land than the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Rhode Island combined. People spend more than 40 billion dollars a year maintaining it, and that maintenance results in air, water and noise pollution. Who’s the culprit— your lawn. But your lawn doesn’t have to be such a money sucker and polluter. It all depends […]

Learn what to do when this spring to care for your lawn. Listen to podcast: Ahh spring, the flowers are blooming, asparagus is growing, and, oh yes, the lawn needs mowing. While we all strive for a green, beautiful lawn with few weeds, home owners have varying degrees of lawn tolerance. Just take a look around your neighborhood. Some lawns are worthy of a golf course, while others, well, at least they’re green. So, let’s look at what you should be doing to your lawn this spring to keep it […]

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