Learn how to poinsettia plants for the holidays including information on getting them to rebloom. Listen to podcast: I recently returned from a trip to India, and while visiting a friend in his garden outside Delhi, I was struck by one brilliantly colored, red plant. This five-foot-tall and -wide plant looked familiar. Upon closer inspection, it was a poinsettia. While we mostly know poinsettias as those potted holiday plants, they actually are a shrub in their native Mexico. The name comes from an American who brought them into the gardening […]

Learn about poisonous holiday plants, including information on which to grow and which to avoid. Listen to Podcast: It’s fun to decorate the house with colorful holiday plants and seasonal greens. They create a warm, welcoming atmosphere during these cold, dark days. But whether you’re decorating your own home or giving holiday plants as gifts, you should keep in mind some can be toxic to pets and young children. The reactions can range from a mild skin irritation, to stomach upset, to a serious reaction needing medical attention. If you […]

Learn about making and growing terrariums indoors. Listen to podcast:   In the 1800’s a London physician called Nathaniel Ward wanted to watch an insect chrysalis transform into a butterfly. He placed it, with some soil, in a glass jar and sealed it shut. To his amazement, but not only did he see the butterfly form, but he also saw ferns and grasses growing in th e bottom of the jar. The plants continue to grow in the sealed jar for 4 years without additions of water. It was the […]

Learn about this unusual houseplant that just needs air and water to survive in your home. Listen to Podcast: Let’s face it. Houseplants just aren’t very sexy. Sure they are green and clean the air, but they’re often just very common looking. Plus, many people get intimated by houseplants, thinking they will kill any plant. Well, the latest houseplant trend changes all that. They are tillandsias or air plants. Tillandsias are types of bromeliads that naturally grow on trees in the topics. What’s cool about these plants is they don’t […]

Sun Requirements full sun Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Blooms from spring to fall and is a broadleaved evergreen Mature Height x Spread 8 to 15 feet x 5 to 10 feet, although can be larger in tropical areas such as Hawaii Tropical hibiscus is an evergreen shrub that is only hardy to USDA zone 10-11. This means it’s limited to growing outdoors in the United States to subtropical areas of California, Texas, Arizona and Florida as well as Hawaii. It’s often grown as a foundation plant or mixed with […]

Learn about creating unusual holidays wreaths made from native materials. Listen to podcast: Holiday wreaths adorn may houses this time of year. While I love the traditional evergreen wreath with pine cones, winter berries, and dried grasses, you can also get creative about what you use to make a wreath. The first type of wreath I like to call the “morning walk” wreath. This is a wreath made from natural materials you find along your morning walk in the woods or fields. Bring along your hand pruners and a bucket […]

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