Learn how to grow Dutch iris and other small iris types. Listen to podcast: This spring flowering bulb is native to drier regions of Iran, Iraq and Turkey. While we know it’s taller and later blooming cousins very well in the garden, bulb iris grow a little bit differently. There are two common types of bulb iris. The species is iris reticulata. It’s a hardy bulb with fragrant purple flowers and yellow streaks. It grows 4 to 6 inches tall making for a beautiful rock garden and low flower border […]

Learn how to plant and grow autumn crocus and other all flowering bulbs. Listen to Podcast:   When I say flowering bulbs, most people think of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other spring bloomers. But if you look closely around some yards in fall you’ll notice a whole other group of bulbs flowering now. These are the autumn flowering bulbs and I think they deserve more attention. Colchicum and autumn crocus bulbs are planted now to bloom in fall. They provide a splash of color to perennial gardens often with only […]

Learn how to select and force spring flowering bulbs indoors in winter. Listen to Podcast   Forcing bulbs into bloom indoors just doesn’t sound humane or natural, but we love to do it. There’s nothing like a fragrant hyacinth, colorful tulip or cheery daffodil blooming on our kitchen table, while it continues to snow outside. But while Santa may grace your holiday stocking with some bulbs for forcing, you have to do it right to get the results you want. Flowering bulbs are dug from fields in late summer and […]

Learn about fritillara bulbs, including varieties how to plant and grow them. Listen to Podcast: This uncommon bulb came to us, as many other bulbs have, from Persia and Turkey. It was grown in the imperial court in Vienna in the 1500s. It was said the flower’s shape resembled an imperial crown. Hence the common name crown imperial. We also know it, as fritillaria. Crown imperial or Fritillaria imperialis, is a spring flowering bulb that stands 3 feet tall with yellow, orange or red colored flowers depending on the variety. […]

Learn about the best ways to grow great glads in your garden. Listen to podcast: podcast transcript How to Grow: Gladiolus Gladiolus hybrids   Other Name sword lily   Sun Requirements full sun   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Summer in a wide range of colors such as white, yellow, pink, red, purple, and bi-color   Mature Height x Spread 3 to 4 feet x 12 inches   Added Benefits deer resistant   There is no flower more stunning in an arrangement than gladiolus. They are popular curt flowers for […]

Muscari spp   Other Name common grape hyacinth   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color spring in colors of blue, yellow and white   Mature Height x Spread 6 to 10 inches x 4 to 6 inches   Added Benefits attracts beneficials, drought tolerant, deer resistant   Grape hyacinths are truly a misnomer. They aren’t related to hyacinths and, even though their small flowers are shaped like tiny grapes, they aren’t edible. But, this spring flowering bulb, is a hardy mainstay in any flower […]

Hyacinthus orientalis   Other Name garden hyacinth   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Spring in colors of white, blue, pink, and purple   Mature Height x Spread 8 to 12 inches x 4 to 8 inches   Added Benefits attract beneficials, deer resistant   Hyacinths are known for their cone-shaped clusters of small tubular-shaped flowers. Depending on the varieties, the clusters can be loose or densely packed. Multiflora hyacinths have loosely arranged flowers. The flowers may be single or double on the flower […]

Learn how to grow lilies including Asiatic and Oriental varieties. Listen to podcast: podcast transcript Lilium spp and hybrids   Other Name many different types   Sun Requirements full to part sun   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Summer in colors including white, yellow, pink, red, orange and bi-colors   Mature Height x Spread 1 to 6 feet x 1 to 2 feet   Added Benefits attracts beneficial, attracts hummingbirds, drought tolerant   True lilies shouldn’t be confused with similar-looking daylily. True lilies are bulbs that dieback in fall but […]

Learn how to overwinter common garden bulbs such as gladiolus and dahlias. Listen to podcast: With our warm, dry summer and fall the subtropical bulbs have been putting on a show. Canna lilies, dahlias, gladiolus, 4 O clocks and other tender bulbs have been growing strong. But with the first frosts of the season rolling through the area, it’s time to dig and store them. These bulbs are not hardy in our area, so it’s either dig and store now, or do like my neighbor is doing. She has so […]

Learn the best ways to plant and care for tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other spring flowering bulbs in fall for a beautiful flower garden in spring. This video includes information on planting, fertilizing and layering the bulbs. For more garden videos, check out the National Gardening Association Transcript Hi I’m Charlie Nardozzi of the National Gardening Association. It may look like fall all around me, but I’m thinking about spring. Today I’d like to talk to you about how to plant spring flowering bulbs. There are a number of bulbs […]

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