Torenia fournieri   Other Name wishbone flower   Sun Requirements part sun, part shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color early summer to fall in colors such as red, violet, purple, white and bicolor   Mature Height x Spread 6 to 12 inches x 6 to 9 inches   Added Benefits attracts hummingbirds, deer resistant   If you want an annual to flower in the shade in New England, this is one most gardeners overlook. Torenia or clown flower is a low growing, mounded annual flower that produces tubular blooms […]

Coleus Solenostemon scutellariodes   Other Name painted leaf   Sun Requirements Full sun, part sun, part shade, full shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Summer, but mostly grown for the colorful leaves which come in shades and combinations of cream, green, burgundy, pink, white and yellow   Mature Height x Spread 6 to 24 inches x 12 to 18 inches   Added Benefits fall color   Coleus have become the darlings of the annual shade gardens. Since they’re grown mostly for the colorful leaves, there’s no need to wait […]

Learn about companion planting, including what plants grow well next to other plants and which to avoid. Listen to Podcast: Gardening is known for its folklore. Some of these old wives tales have some truth to them and others, not so much. I often get asked about companion planting for insect control. Although many say plants such as onions, marigolds and rue can deter pests, scientifically, few of these folklore remedies have been proven. It might happen that you get fewer pests on your tomatoes if onions are growing nearby, […]

Cosmos bipinnatus   Other Name Mexican aster   Sun Requirements full sun to part shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Mid summer to fall in colors of red, violet, orange, white and pink   Mature Height x Spread 1 to 5 feet x 2 feet   Added Benefits attracts beneficials, drought tolerant   Cosmos are easy to grow, tall annual flowers that feature airy foliage and cup-shaped flowers that flow in the breeze. The foliage almost resembles asparagus while the flowers can be single or double petaled. Cosmos look […]

Learn to design and care for a container garden including plant selection, best pots, soil and maintenance techniques. Designing a Container Flower Garden Transcript I’m Charlie Nardozzi of the National Gardening Association. Today I want to show you how to design a container flower garden. Containers can be used to create gardens in almost any location whether it be a balcony, deck, patio, on a rooftop or right in the garden. What you need to have is the right pot for the right plant. As long as it is sturdy […]

Learn about edible flowers, including how to plant and grow them. Listen to podcast: On this week’s Vermont Garden Journal on Vermont Public Radio, Charlie profiles edible flowers. There are many varieties to choose from that are good for salads, drinks, stir fries, soups and desserts. Charlie delves into the history of edible blossoms and discusses the best methods for preparing floral foods. Tune in Friday evening and Saturday morning for more about edible flowers on the Vermont Garden Journal on Vermont Public Radio. When someone sees a garden loaded […]

One of the popular ways to have color all season in your foodscape yard is to grow plants that flower in each season. This common concept is used to make cottage flower gardens look so great from spring to fall. You can use it in the foodscape, too. You don’t have to exclusively use just foodscape plants, but they can help provide color, especially ones that will continue to bloom all summer. These might include eggplant, citrus and roses. Some foodscape plants, such as daylilies and bee balm, may flower […]

Scaevola aemula   Other Name Fairy fan flower   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Summer to fall in colors of blue, pink, white and purple   Mature Height x Spread 8 to 18 inches tall x 1 to 2 feet   Added Benefits Drought tolerant   The fan flower is a relative newcomer to New England. It hails from “down under” (Australia) so loves hot, humid conditions with lots of sun. It’s a tough plant that will grow well in part sun as […]

Learn how to grow Four O Clocks including information on varieties. Listen to podcast: podcast transcript Mirabilis jalapa   Other Name Marvel of Peru   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun, part shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Mid summer until frost in colors of yellow, pink, rose, salmon, white, red and striped   Mature Height x Spread 2 ft to 3 ft x 1 ft to 2 ft   Added Benefits Attracts hummingbirds, attracts beneficials, deer resistant   Four o clocks are bushy annuals with colorful flowers and […]

Learn how to grow fragrant annual flowers such as heliotrope. Listen to podcast: Although my wife Wendy and I have plenty of room to grow flowers in the yard, we always plant some in containers as well, especially the fragrant ones. Planting fragrant annuals in a pot on a deck, patio or near an open window is an easy way to indulge in the sweet smells of summer. Here are three of my favorites. Heliotrope is a borage family flower that is also called the cherry pie plant. Who could […]

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