Listen to this podcast about Asian ladybugs that overwinter in our homes. It includes information on why they do it and how to stop them.   With colder weather upon us, everyone is looking for a warm place to spend the winter, including some insects. Asian ladybugs have been in Connecticut since 1994. This species of ladybug hitchhiked a ride on cargo ships to enter the U.S. and has spread around the country. The Asian ladybug is beneficial, eating aphids on a multitude of crops. It looks like the native […]

Learn how to control these slimy gastropods in your garden. Learn how to control slugs and care for your vegetable and flower garden. Controls include non toxic, organic baits, traps, and some unusual techniques. Listen to the podcast and watch my video. Listen to podcast: I’m Charlie Nardozzi and this is the Vermont Garden Journal on Vermont Public Radio. Start any conversation about gardening during a spell of wet weather and sooner or later the talk will turn to slugs and snails.  Vermont slugs and snails are not as large […]

Learn how to control common apple pests including diseases and insects. Listen to podcast: Apples are the quintessential Vermont tree fruit because they grow so well in our climate. Unfortunately, even after watering, fertilizing, protecting and generally pampering your trees, sometimes for years to get fruit, you only end up with misshapen, small fruits with black spots on the skin. While apples grow well here, so do their pests. The first step to growing apples without cursing or resorting to harmful chemicals is to plant disease resistant varieties. ‘Liberty’, ‘Williams’ […]

Learn about beetles in the garden and how to control them. Listen to podcast: The beetles have arrived. This is a different fab 4 than who I grew up with. Flea, cucumber, potato, and asparagus are all beetles that love your veggies. Here are some organic controls. If you have the time, handpicking all these adult beetles in the morning while they’re sluggish helps reduce the population. If you can’t do it, pay the neighborhood kids. It’s a great summer job! The larval forms of beetles are the easiest to […]

Learn about the emerald ash borer insect and why it’s a concern on trees. Listen to podcast: Hey, has there been a run on purple box kites? Am I missing the latest hobby trend? Nope, those purple boxes hanging in trees throughout Vermont have a more important role to play. They’re insect traps. The emerald ash borer is a bright metallic green, 1/2-inch long Asian insect that invaded our shores in 2002, probably as a hitch hiker on some wooden packing boxes. It has been causing a path of destruction […]

Watch this video to learn about the life cycle of Japanese beetles and how to control them organically using sprays, hand picking and traps. Control Japanese beetles, including how to trap and spray for them. Listen to podcast: They’re here! Today I saw my first Japanese beetle lingering on a rose flower. In Japan these beetles aren’t much of a pest as natural predators and few lawns limit they’re reproduction. However, east of the Mississippi River, Japanese beetles feed on hundreds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. So let’s get right […]

Learn about mosquitoes in the garden and yard and how to control them. Listen to podcast: The only critters that loved the flooding this spring were some fish species and mosquitoes. In fact, it’s gearing up to be a doozy of a mosquito season. While the mosquito season has been delayed because of high lake and stream levels, once the waters recede, the warm, stagnant pools left behind will be a perfect mosquito breeding ground. It won’t take long for the mosquitoes to start ruining your summer picnics. They can […]

Learn about controlling the red lily leaf beetle, including the safest sprays to use. Listen to podcast: For years lilies have been the carefree darlings of many perennial gardens. But then came the red lily leaf beetle. This European native found its way to Massachusetts in 1992 and has been spreading around New England ever since. If you grow Asiatic, Oriental, or Turk’s cap lilies or fritillaria bulbs, you know these beetles. Daylilies, luckily, aren’t affected. The overwintering bright red adults emerge to feed in spring as soon as your […]

Learn how to control squash bugs in the vegetable garden. Listen to Podcast: podcast transcript How to Grow: Summer Squash You’ve got to watch out when growing summer squash (Cucurbita pepo) and zucchini. When it’s ready to harvest, you’ll get so many fruits so fast you’ll be begging neighbors to take it away. I’ve even heard of people dropping extra zucchinis through opened windows in unattended cars just to move the stuff. Yes, summer squash and zucchini has a reputation for being prolific. That’s a good thing for a new […]

Learn about the best organics controls for the squash vine borer insect. Listen to podcast: We’ve all seen this happen. Beautiful summer squash, pumpkin or winter squash plants are thriving in July, only to start wilting during the day, even if the soil is wet. After closer inspection you see holes in the plant base. Yes, it’s the squash vine borer. This destructive moth lays eggs in July at the base of these plants. The larvae burrows into the stem causing it to wilt. Severe infestations can kill your plant. […]

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