Whether you love the scent or taste or neither, lavender is such as romantic flower you have to grow at least one. Lavender leaves and flowers are great additions to salads, soups, cookies, teas and cakes. I even buy chocolate bars with lavender in them. Yum. The dried herb is great for sachets and potpourris. In the garden the blue-green lavender leaves and pink, blue or purple flowers make a soft, subtle statement. How to Use in Foodscaping Lavender is hardy in USDA zones 5 to 9, so is well […]

Learn how to grow microgreens indoors in winter to get a taste of greens on your salads. Listen to Podcast: Charles Warner once said, “Lettuce is like conversation: it must be fresh and crisp, and so sparkling that you scarcely notice the bitter in it.” After our recent cold snaps, finding crisp, fresh and sparkling lettuce in your garden may be impossible. Unless you have a greenhouse or a hoop house system, you’re probably relegated to buying your greens. But you can grow your own greens indoors without an elaborate […]

Listen to this podcast and read about growing and caring for mint plants including how to stop them from being invasive.   podcast transcript One of the biggest drawbacks to mint is not getting it to grow, but keeping it under control. But it’s worth the effort. Mint is a flavorful herb that comes in many flavors, such as spearmint, orange, melon, apple, and chocolate peppermint. Not only is it a great addition to drinks, teas and cooking, the plant is an attractive ground cover as well with colorful pastel, […]

Learn about perennial herbs, including how to grow and overwinter them. Listen to podcast: I remember on one of my first trips to California I was walking along a garden and gently brushed my hand along this hedge. The smell surprised and delighted me. It was my first experience with rosemary. This perennial herb is a great edible landscape shrub in zones 7 and warmer. However, in Vermont it falls into the category of herbs that need protection to survive. Rosemary, scented geraniums, and lavender of some of the tender […]

One herb that grows easily in our climate is parsley (Petroselinium crispum). Whether you’re growing the flat leafed Italian varieties or curly leafed parsley, they thrive during periods of cool weather but also survive the heat of summer. This biennial (flowers the second year of growth) usually dies in winter, but I’ve dug them up in fall, potted the plants and brought them indoors to enjoy for another few months before they stop growing. Parsley is not just a dark green garnish. The leaves are high in vitamins and minerals. […]

Depending on where you live rosemary can be just another annual herb in the garden or a magnificent perennial shrub or hedge plant in your yard. Either way, rosemary is a great foodscaping plant. The characteristic scent and flavor is great cooked with fish, meats and vegetables. You can harvest whole stems and use them as barbeque skewers on the grill. I particularly love rosemary roasted potatoes. This shrubby plant has attractive blue-green leaves and beautiful white, pink or blue flowers. There’s even a creeping version. How to Use in […]

Learn how to save seeds from your own herb plants such as dill and cilantro . Listen to podcast:     This time of year it’s usually a battle to keep my herbs from going to seed. We all know herbs like basil produce more and bigger leaves if you can slow the march toward flower and seed formation. But sometimes it’s best to work with nature, instead of against it. Some herbs, such has dill, fennel and cilantro, produce seeds that are not only edible, but desirable. Cilantro seeds […]

Learn how to grow your own shiitake mushroom logs. Listen to podcast: There’s not much fruiting this time of year, except my logs. Let me explain. I’ve been growing mushrooms in wood chip beds for years, but last year I decided to try something different. A local mushroom grower was selling pre-inoculated shiitake logs, so I purchased some. Well, even after a dry summer and my infrequent waterings, our logs are fruiting. Growing your own shiitake mushrooms isn’t that hard and can save you some money. Shiitake mushrooms grow on […]

When it comes to flavoring recipes, Mediterranean herbs are some of the most popular. While rosemary and basil get lots of press, don’t forget the low growing, perennial herbs, such as thyme and oregano. Oregano offers that robust flavor we associate with pasta sauces. Thyme leaves have fragrances such as lemon, orange and nutmeg depending on the selection. Both herbs compliments fish, meat, cheese and vegetables featuring beans and squash well. They are both beautiful plants with white or pink flowers How to Use in Foodscaping Most thyme and oregano […]

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