When it comes to flavoring recipes, Mediterranean herbs are some of the most popular. While rosemary and basil get lots of press, don’t forget the low growing, perennial herbs, such as thyme and oregano. Oregano offers that robust flavor we associate with pasta sauces. Thyme leaves have fragrances such as lemon, orange and nutmeg depending on the selection. Both herbs compliments fish, meat, cheese and vegetables featuring beans and squash well. They are both beautiful plants with white or pink flowers How to Use in Foodscaping Most thyme and oregano […]

Euonymous fortunei   Other Name climbing euonymous   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun, part shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Blooms are not significant. Mostly grown for the colorful foliage that’s variegated white, yellow and green with tinges of purple.   Mature Height x Spread 1 to 2 feet x 2 to 4 feet   Added Benefits drought tolerant, fall color   Winter creeper is a versatile plant. It can be trained into an attractive low growing ground cover, mounded shrub or a vertical vine. It’s semi-evergreen so […]

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